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Join us on Sundays for the most delicious brunch buffet in South City!

We have something for everyone including many vegan and vegetarian offerings.

Sunday Brunch

Served 9AM - 1PM

All You Can Eat

15.00 per person

7.50 for kids 10 and under

Free kids 2 and under

Brunch Buffet

French toast stuffed w/sweetened cream cheese and walnuts

Brioche French toast

Vegan French toast (available upon request)

Vegetarian biscuits and gravy

Scrambled eggs

Vegan crab cakes (Panko breaded)

Vegan pork cutlet (Panko breaded)

Vegan oven-roasted potatoes

Vegan Tofu scramble special (changes weekly)

Vegetarian or Vegan special (changes weekly)

Vegan cold salad selection (seasonal)

Vegan sausage


Fresh fruit

Four dessert selections (two vegan)

Quiche (changes weekly)


Beverages: St. Louis blend coffee, orange juice, strawberry orange juice

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